Edmiston Jones

Consulting Rooms

An established local gynaecologist and his wife, the office manager, purchased a property to build a purpose designed medical facility for their practice. The brief included a requirement that separate commercial space be provided to enhance the viability of the development.


Purpose designed medical facility for gynaecology practice

Floor area

150 sq. m



Church Street, Moruya, NSW

The Requirements

The project presented the challenge of creating modern consulting rooms promoting a high level of professional care however, the appearance of the building needed to sit comfortably in the historic context of the town. There was also the problem of a raised floor level to avoid flooding that frustrated the obligation to provide wheelchair access.

The Solution / Outcomes

The solution to the design was a simple building footprint under a gabled roof with a verandah to the street. A ramp facilitated easy disabled access from the car park. Full height glazing to the entry ensured that the reception/waiting area was light-filled, and accessible. The domestic scale of the building provides a comfortable environment for soon-to-be mothers.

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