Edmiston Jones

UOW Library Extension & Refurbishment

About 2,000 square metres of space have been added across three floors with the total building size now about 12,400 square metres.

Floor area

12,400 sq. m


University of Wollongong


Building 16, Northfields Avenue, Keiraville, NSW

The Requirements

Planning to meet current and future requirements has resulted in:

  • Additional space for collection growth (the existing collection is now more than 700,000 volumes)
  • An overall increase of 450 study places, 240 equipped with power outlets for students to use their own laptops or other electronic devices and 100 new fixed computer workstations
  • Many more group and informal seating areas in response to student demand for a range of study modes among others

The Solution / Outcomes

The Library entrance has been reoriented to the north, taking advantage of the convergence of major campus pathways and leading people into the building from a paved meeting area. The building had been transformed into a transparent, inviting environment that recognised and celebrated the building’s landmark location in the heart of the campus.

…we now have within the heart of the university grounds a Library that represents the status and standing of our university on the international stage.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Gerard Sutton | University of Wollongong (NSW Australia)
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