Edmiston Jones

Hinterland Residence

This elevated site is nestled in bushland and benefits from distant ocean views.  The owners’ brief was for a residence sympathetic to the contour and character of the site, where they could work from home in a semi-retired lifestyle.


New Residence

Floor area

435 sq. m

Site area

15000 sq. m


Malua Bay, NSW

The Requirements

The design is strongly influenced by the use of natural materials and recognition of environmental constraints, including bush fire protection and solar access.

A major consideration was the ability to stage the project, with the main living areas and master bedroom suite constructed first followed by a separate wing containing studies, library and galleries.  This resulted in the dwelling being constructed in ‘wings’, each with their own identity and scale, linked to the main living pavilion.

All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates..

Philip Johnson |

The Solution / Outcome

Natural timber elements, including a beautifully crafted plywood ceiling, are a strong feature of the design that is complemented by bagged brickwork, exposed steelwork and lightweight external cladding.  Raking ceilings with high level glazing allow light to penetrate the spaces, whilst providing views of the tree tops and glimpses of sky.

Architecture begins where engineering ends.

Walter Gropius |

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