Edmiston Jones

Fegen Street Residential Development

A mix of 16 two-bedroom and 30 three-bedroom units over four levels above basement parking to present as two storey terrace.

The upper levels were set back to reduce the visual scale of the building.

The coastal character was reinforced by extensive use of timber cladding , complemented by a dark face brickwork, and incorporating a filigree of pergolas and metal screens to create a framework for plants to climb the building.


Medium Density Development – 46 Units

Floor area

4,045 sq. m

Site area

4,664 sq. m


11-17 Fegen Street, Huskisson, NSW

The Requirements

The challenge with this large consolidated site close to the heart of Huskisson was to deliver higher density residential accommodation to help meet the housing needs of a growing population in proximity to existing infrastructure.

The Solution / Outcomes

The northeast corner opens to the street providing a paved and landscaped public entry to the development, while double-height foyers define the formal entries from each street frontage and lead to an internal courtyard designed as an urban landscape of raised planters and directional paving.

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