Kanahooka Community

260 Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka, NSW

The proposed village of 100 self-contained units reflects the relaxed lifestyle favoured by the Kanahooka/ Dapto community as it is anticipated that many of the residents will be drawn from the local area remaining close to family connections and maintaining existing networks.


Project Details


Self-Care Residential Development – 100 Units

Floor Area

8,461 sq. m

Site Area

165,300 sq. m

Site Location

260 Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka, NSW

The Solution / Outcome

The creation of precincts of 20 or so units that together combine to make the village, is an innovative approach responding to the future residents’ desire to belong to a community where there is support and social interaction. A core idea is that ‘community’ does not solely reside in the Community Centre. At the Kanahooka Village, pocket parks within each precinct will give the opportunity for communal activities, street parties, places for the grandchildren to play or for residents to sit and simply watch the passing parade. Open spaces at the end of the internal ‘streets’ provide space for residents to make their own mark on their immediate neighbourhood.

A significant aspect of a senior living community is giving residents the choice of a smaller ‘footprint’ having typically moved from a larger family home. Having a contained and manageable independent living unit is particularly attractive if this is in the context of a variety of lifestyle activities.