Edmiston Jones

Malua Bay

The property benefits from a gentle slope to the north with that fortunate coincidence of ocean views in the same direction. While the owners were obviously taken with the panoramic ocean views and rocky outcrops they were also sensitive to the opportunity for more intimate landscapes created by the buildings within the site.


Beachside retreat for a couple and their regular guests.

Floor area

309.79 sq. m

Site area

1045.02 sq. m


Tallawang Avenue, Malua Bay

The Requirements

A direct visual connection (and easy physical transition) between the interior and exterior spaces was a guiding principle of the design. Meeting this requirement, and providing sufficient wall space for the owner’s art collection, presented a challenge.


Our clients are our greatest reward.

Mark Jones |

Solution / Outcome

Designing a curved wall linking the entry from the street to the living pavilion at the rear, created a ‘gallery’ while simultaneously screening the west and adjacent neighbours. Although the residence turns its back to the street the refined detailing and gentle layering of the building allows it to sit comfortably in the context.

Any work of architecture that does not express serenity is a mistake.

Luis Barragán |

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