Edmiston Jones

Medical Centre

This project is yet another stage of an ongoing development that has been guided by Edmiston Jones over several years.  The medical complex, strategically located opposite Milton Hospital, started life as two humble cottages joined by a glazed link. Now known as the Milton Medical Centre, successive additions have increased the floor area by 300% to a total area of 850 m2.


Alterations and additions to Medical Centre

Floor area

850 sq. m



Princes Highway, Milton, NSW

The Requirements

The design was to consolidate 3 properties with separate buildings  connected for weather protection and the efficient movement of staff and patients. Creating a unified development with a clearly identifiable main entry was key objective of the project.

Consideration of heritage classified buildings on two of the lots presented an added challenge.

Architecture begins where engineering ends.

Walter Gropius |

The Solution / Outcomes

The completed facility consists of 15 consulting rooms, 4 treatment rooms, 3 separate waiting areas, offices, amenities and a high quality training facility to attract doctors and students to a regional location.

Glass roofs and internal glazing were used to define the edges of the old buildings and highlight the historic structure that included a beautiful sandstone wall.

Close collaboration between the Doctor, his staff and the architectural team ensured a great outcome, delivered cost effectively and on time.

Integrity is the deepest quality in a building.

F. L. Wright |

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