Edmiston Jones

Medical Centre

This project sees the transformation of a long established local doctor’s practice into a modern regional medical centre. The objective is to house general practitioners and specialists as well as providing student accommodation and conference facilities in a professional environment.


Existing Medical Care Facility treble in size

Floor area

1592 sq. m



Queen Street, Moruya, NSW

The Requirements

The development retains existing medical consulting rooms and links this facility to additional consulting/treatment rooms around a central courtyard, reception and waiting area. This combined facility is then linked, across a lane, to another building which was originally the town picture theatre. This building provides a conference room on the ground floor and accommodation for medical students on a new level built within the two-storey theatre.

We know the business. We know the region.

Mark Jones |

The Solution / Outcomes

An environmentally responsible approach has been taken with the development utilising existing buildings thereby minimising the use of new resources as well as the waste associated with demolition. In addition, the retention of the existing buildings maintains much of the streetscape in a town that is proud of its heritage.

Great ideas. Great team spirit. Great people.

Mark Jones |

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