Edmiston Jones

Retirement Village

Nowra Retirement Village offers residents a quiet, relaxed way of life, just a stone’s throw from the Shoalhaven River. Greenwell Gardens, a 79 bed low care residential care facility (hostel), forms part of the Nowra Retirement Village designed by AEJ which also includes self contained villas. A centrally located community room is a focal point for resident activities.


Two new buildings featuring low care facilities, linked to the existing retirement village.

Floor area

1800 sq. m



Greenwell Gardens, Nowra, NSW

Solution / Outcome

The 44 self care units are 2 bedroom villas with attached garage. Residents in the units continue to live as they would in their own home. The village is designed as a spacious landscaped setting with units orientated to maximise natural sunlight. The pathways linking gardens within the village create a relaxed, tranquil setting.

When we build, let us think that we build for ever.

John Ruskin |

Aerial Photos


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