Edmiston Jones

Port Kembla
Anglican Church

The church, originally just a small chapel, single room hall and outdoor toilets is located in the heart of a growing commercial centre.


New worship building in commercial centre of a multicultural community

Floor area

318 sq. m



Corner of Cowper Street and First Avenue, Warrawong, NSW

The Requirements

More suitable spaces were desperately needed to serve the local multicultural community. A new worship centre was designed to comfortably seat 200 people with offices and meeting rooms as well as a new kitchen and amenities.


Solution / Outcome

The new building rises to meet the prominent street corner unapologetically declaring its ecclesiastical credentials. A large foyer connects the car park and the street creating a welcoming entry to the contemporary worship centre.

This central space, linking the new auditorium, offices and toilets to the existing hall and refurbished kitchen, also serves as an informal meeting space for after church ‘cuppas’.

The absolute essence of architectural service is communication.

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