Edmiston Jones

Rose Mumbler
Aboriginal Retirement Village

The original village was designed with 20 residential units positioned in an arc around a central communal building which housed the kitchen and living/dining area. Over time a number of the residential units were converted to offices to accommodate the increasing administration which also caters for the elderly remaining in their homes.


New village offices and cultural room that provide relief to the existing communal and residential spaces

Floor area

405 sq. m



Judith Dr, Nowra, NSW

The Requirements

The brief was to provide new offices for the Village as well as a separate office building (Illaroo Administration) to house the
General Manager, support staff and case workers. A cultural room was also to be provided as a discrete space for the indigenous community to meet, relieving pressure on the village dining and lounge

The Solution / Outcomes

The buildings have been designed to sit comfortably within the domestic scale of the neighbourhood. Buildings have been placed carefully in the natural bush setting ensuring that outdoor meeting places are provided with appropriate privacy from adjacent buildings and neighbouring properties.

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