Edmiston Jones

Shoalhaven Water
Operations Depot

The new Operations Depot saw Shoalhaven Water cement its place as an autonomous body within the City Council. Consolidation of a number of existing facilities brought together administrative, technical and workshop staff under one roof in an established industrial area.


Administrative offices and workshop for an autonomous council utility floor.

Floor area

920 sq. m

Site area

3393 sq. m



Flinders Road, South Nowra, NSW

Solution / Outcome

The building complex is now the public face of Shoalhaven Water housing the reception area and administrative offices, training rooms, workshop and amenities as well as external storage and truck wash down. Site planning allows for future buildings to accommodate growth of this important local utility.

The success in the design of the building is that it creates the image of a corporate headquarters while also addressing the practical requirements of a Council works depot.


When we build, let us think that we build for ever.

John Ruskin |

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