Edmiston Jones

SMART Infrastructure Facility

The Simulation, Modelling and Analysis for Research and Teaching (SMART) Infrastructure Facility is a significant addition to the University of Wollongong’s main campus.

Floor area

12,900 sq. m


University of Wollongong


Building 6 Northfield Avenue, Wollongong, NSW

The Requirements

Externally the building incorporates curtain wall glazing, sunscreening and aluminium cladding in addition to the campus’ established palette of brickwork and painted steel.

Internally the building is arranged around a simple horizontal and vertical circulation system linked by a pivotal sky lit atrium space. A glass lift and open stairs provide visual movement and dynamics at the heart of the facility. The building comprises flexible office, teaching and engineering Laboratory spaces suitable for post-graduate use.

The Solution / Outcomes

The building achieves its targeted Green Star rating and includes several ESD initiatives such as mixed mode and night flushing ventilation systems, thermal chimneys, rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic solar cells and water heating.

I can confirm our tremendous satisfaction with the building. It has been satisfying to see the realisation of plans for an open and light filled space conducive to creating a collaborative research and teaching environment. A space where students and staff can both attend to their studies, research and work either alone or in collaboration with others.

Tania Brown, Chief Operating Officer | University of Wollongong (NSW Australia)
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