Sustainable Future for Break O’Day

by Mark

With the demise of Gunns pulp mill, Tasmania’s future relies on investing in new sustainable businesses and, now more than ever, needs new hope.  Architects Edmiston Jones is privileged to be contributing to this new hope working with TCG Planning on an overall Management Plan for Break O’Day Council in the northeast corner of the state.  Guided by a team of specialist consultants, the project includes strategies for the urban infrastructure, sport and recreation facilities, storm-water design, economic analysis of the airport facilities, traffic management and assessing the impact of climate change.

AEJ have begun work on the Civic Centre Feasibility Study and Urban Infrastructure Design Guidelines.  The initial stage, in both cases, is the assessment of existing conditions to establish a baseline from which improvements can be considered.  The current Council building has evolved over time resulting in a maze of corridors and offices that does not make for an efficient working environment.  Data is being gathered so that options can be prepared for a more productive and effective office layout.

The ‘Urban Infrastructure’, the street furniture and facilities that provide an amenity for the local residents and visitors, are being investigated from Ansons Bay in the north, Bicheno in the south and west to Mathinna.  The state of existing seats, tables, bbq areas, shelters and bins is being reviewed and guidelines established for new facilities that will help identify Break O’Day as a quality and cared-for environment while highlighting the distinctive features of the towns and village that make up the Municipality.

The project is a perfect match for Architects Edmiston Jones with relevant expertise honed over 30 years on the NSW South Coast.  Having grown from these country roots, projects in Queensland and Tasmania now benefit from AEJ’s sensitivity to a regional context.

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