Edmiston Jones’ leadership of your project is through our demonstrated culture of consideration, connection and collaboration.

Edmiston Jones has a disciplined approach to design driven by our vision, a place for every person.


Underpinning our design methodology is our purpose, to enhance and inspire lives, through extraordinary built environments that are sustainable and sensible. First and foremost, our focus is on how people live whether this is at the workplace, in recreation or at home.


Fundamental to Edmiston Jones’ design methodology is a deceptively simple precept.

Interrogating our clients’ brief is undertaken quite separately to a thorough assessment of the opportunities and constraints presented by the site.

Our approach is to have these paths merge, well before orthographic plans are prepared, to test whether the space required to fulfil the aspirations of the brief can be accommodated within the constraints of the site. Early in the design process we test, “will it fit” – spatially and financially. This approach delays a blinkered, intuitive solution until there is a deep understanding of the project.

Edmiston Jones places a high value on gaining an intimate understanding of the site and its context prior to consideration of design solutions. We contribute our local knowledge including an appreciation of the subtly, varied microclimatic conditions within our region.

Our briefing process relies heavily on collaboration with conversations that elicit the project’s fundamental requirements as well as our clients’ higher aspirations. Graphic devices and tools are used to capture the interrelationship of activities and how they play out through a ‘day in the life’ of the facility.

Our Integrated Quality Management System ensures a structured approach to the management of the project is embedded in every phase, from concept to construction.


Large or small, your project is important.

Edmiston Jones tackles some significant developments and is equally enthusiastic about smaller projects. It is not the size that matters – the test is whether we can add value.

We have a dedicated team for each of our five key sectors.


Providing a truly multidisciplinary design service, Edmiston Jones has in-house specialists to inform the design from initial concepts through to construction.

These skills are fundamental to any project and by integrating these experts in the team a holistic, solution is assured.
Here are some of our specialisations.

Sustainability has been intrinsic to Edmiston Jones’ DNA since our inception in 1986.

A sustainable place for everyone.

To have a truly sustainable built environment, comfort and energy consumption need to be considered from the outset of the design. Environmentally sustainable design is fundamental to the Edmiston Jones ethos and is embraced by the entire team. Our Green Star accredited professional, Associate Gabe Reed, provides his expert advice .

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