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Respectful places…
that acknowledge the physical, historical and social context, sensitive to local cultural influences and connected to the existing community.

Sustainable places…
designed to benefit from great solar access, and the natural environment, supplemented by appropriate technology that optimises energy efficiency.

Stimulating places…
that are beautiful, enhancing health and wellbeing through nurturing interaction with the environment and fellow residents.

Accessible places…
that allow ease of movement for all abilities, facilitating a healthier lifestyle with the added bonus of more incidental, personal interactions.

Safe places…
that ensure residents are protected and secure through a balance of private spaces and a caring community.

And built environments…
that provide spaces that inspire and enhance residents to celebrate life.

case study

Kiama Residence

Gipps Street, Kiama, NSW

The historic cottage and outbuildings were purchased by our clients with the vision of creating a ‘beach house’ for the extended family to holiday throughout the year and gather over summer. The building is located on the old highway which wound its way through Kiama before the bypass and sits in a streetscape that is the first introduction to the township when entered from the north.