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Inspiring places…
that foster personal growth, collaborative enquiry-based learning and problem solving to equip students with the skills they need in a rapidly changing, technologically focused world.

Master planned places…
sites and facilities designed uncompromisingly to meet the learning needs of today and allow for future development and growth.

Connected places…
that are balanced in their engagement with technology, the natural environment and the community in which they exist.

Egalitarian places…
that provide accessible high quality learning environments for all people and enable them to reach their full potential.

Flexible places…
that support collaborative formal and informal learning spaces to allow for the needs of evolving pedagogies both now and in the future.

And built environments…
providing spaces that inspire students to embrace a lifetime of learning.

case study

UOW Early Start Facility


The Early Start Facility is located in the UOW Education Arts Precinct and consists of three levels of early childhood teaching and research spaces overlooking a central atrium which houses the Early Start Discovery Space.