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A bespoke design response tailored to your organisation
Supported by our team of specialists, including Interior Designers and Landscape Architects, our expertise in the sector is continually evolving in response to the changing nature of health and wellbeing.

Human centred environments
By seeking to thoroughly understand human needs through observation, shared experience and empathy, we create solutions that not only “fit” but also nurture wellbeing.

Functional and efficient spaces
We recognise the relationship between people’s activities, the chronology of these actions and the optimum area required to ensure that spaces are functional and efficient.

Environments connected to nature
A deep understanding and detailed analysis of the site underpins our design response. We use biophilic design strategies to improve wellbeing by connecting people to nature.

Buildings that make us better
More than mitigating the negative impacts of artificial conditions, we strive to create built environments that enhance lives and contribute positively to health and wellbeing.

Places that inspire
Beyond enhancing people’s lives, we seek to create inspiring places to support healthy, active living that satisfy socially, emotionally and mentally as well as meeting physical needs of the communities we serve.

Architecture begins where engineering ends.

Walter Gropius

case study

Gerringong Family Medical Practice

Greta Street, Gerringong NSW

Established in 1980, Gerringong Medical Practice is a long-standing GP clinic on the South Coast of New South Wales. With a desire to expand their experienced team and offer allied health and visiting specialist care to the community, the doctors recognised the need for specialist advice and engaged Edmiston Jones.

Gerringong Medical Centre_12
Gerringong Medical Centre_11