Design for a Productive Workplace

by Margie
“In the knowledge economy, innovation and employee engagement can be the difference between leading or following behind the competition.” Gensler’s 2016 U.S. Workplace Study. This comprehensive study found that a well-designed workplace directly and positively influences creativity and innovation, something designers have instinctively known for some time. How do we, as architects and designers at Edmiston Jones GBB, work with organisations to create more effective work environments that inspire innovation and allow employee engagement to flourish? Understanding the changing nature of work is a critical first step. Key drivers of organisational innovation are:
  • prioritising both individual and group workspace,
  • increasing the sense of purpose in the workplace and
  • encouraging people to develop their careers.
A well-designed workspace that allows (and encourages) a choice of environments in which to work goes hand in hand with better management, more autonomy, improved communication and a stronger sense of employee connection to their organisation. [caption id="attachment_2717" align="aligncenter" width="800"]gallery-image The Glen Aged Care Facility | Early Start Facility & Children’s Discovery Space | Thirroul District Library[/caption] Edmiston Jones GBB design process is about understanding fundamental spatial requirements, the interrelationship of these spaces and their management. Our interrogation of the operation of a business or facility over time allows an overlap in the use of spaces to be considered. A detailed assessment of the physical needs ensures that the building is as efficient as possible. A floor plan is not the most effective graphical approach to considering alternative spatial configurations, at least in the early stages of a design. (Refer to our previous blog 'The Solution is Not Always a Building'). Our experience is that a productive way to engage clients in the design process is to use graphic devices such as 'bubble diagrams', charts and schedules. Using tailored strategies that Edmiston Jones GBB have developed over years of experience, we help clients understand how their spaces, work processes, and aspirations can come together to improve innovation and thus competitiveness - as well as the bottom line.
Design for a Productive Workplace