Design for Sustainability

by Luca Faidutti

Readers will recall that Edmiston Jones collaborated with Team UOW in the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 shaping the Desert Rose House to its final form. We are proud to now see our joint efforts recognised nationally.

After winning the Australian Institute of Building Professional Excellence in Building Awards for Residential Construction under $1 million, Desert Rose is now a finalist in the State Government highest environmental awards, the Green Globe Awards – Built Environment, as well as the Green Gown Awards Australasia.  The national recognition alongside some renowned industry players is proof that a simple but targeted sustainable design early in the building process can make a significant difference. A win for the environment and a win for our clients.

My personal involvement leading the architectural team allowed me to appreciate the benefits that building professionals can achieve at a very practical level through thoughtful, energy conscious design. The Desert Rose showcased evolving technologies, some of which are so advanced that they are not yet available on the market. The result of engineering and architecture being considered concurrently was to provide solutions at the forefront of innovation. A precedent I intend to emulate as my civil engineering perspective adds to the mix of skills at Edmiston Jones.

Recent global, community-driven events have highlighted the increasing public awareness of climate change and it’s been a timely reminder that we all should be more thoughtful about our actions. When the people vote with their feet, businesses soon follow! Sustainability commitments and strategies are rightfully becoming a core aspect of commercial practises, vital to retain talented staff and attract committed clients.

Edmiston Jones’ long-standing vision is to create environments that are sustainable and sensible.  Our evolving Sustainability Strategy is being honed to articulate the firm’s commitment to an ethical, regenerative business. It will be a pivotal document for the future of the firm and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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