Designing for People

Community & Co-design
by Stuart Scobie

Abraham Lincoln espoused in 1863 “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. We at Edmiston Jones passionately believe that our design solutions, whether they are built structures or landscape environments, should be of the people, by the people and ultimately for the people.

The “people” includes every person affected by the constructed result.  They are the inhabitants, the community and, of course, our clients who initiate, fund and drive a project. They all play a key role in any venture and the success is a direct result of how we mutually engage to deliver the best possible outcome. As we have described in past blogs, a project ideally starts with a clear vision and a concise brief from “the people”, active participation in a Co-Design process “by the people” and delivering a beautiful, functional and innovative design solution “for the people’.

Community consultation at Shoalhaven Heads

In this era of rapid change, people can easily become masked by technology and secondary to the many competing layers of bureaucratic constraints. When we get caught up in a litany of legislative requirements it’s time to take a breath. Yes, we need to be efficient and cost effective but, in the race to simply comply, it can be so easy to sub-consciously forget that our core business is to design for “the people”.

At Edmiston Jones, we go that step further to create shelter or outside space that is more than just base-line compliant. Our vision is to make something that inspires and enhances people’s lives. Employing our philosophy of human-centred design, we continually strive to create structures, spaces and places that not only reflect the fundamental elements our clients require but also the extraordinary elements they desire.

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