Designing Learning Spaces

by Zoran
Edmiston Jones GBB has extensive experience in the educational sector having worked over many years with the University of Wollongong, other institutions and several schools in the region. Providing well designed educational spaces is important as research shows that NSW is facing unprecedented growth with the population to increase by 28% to almost ten million people by 2036. In this time …
  • the number of children under 5 will climb by 18% to over 600,000 and
  • the total population under 15 years will grow by 23% to more than 1.8 million.
Alert to this growth, the NSW government is implementing a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) for Education & Childcare Developments including schools, childcare centres, TAFE’s, and universities. The new SEPP will assist in efficiently delivering educational infrastructure across NSW and to consolidate the mishmash of existing planning controls. The SEPP will be supported by planning guidelines for childcare facilities and design guidelines for schools. The objectives of the SEPP are to simplify the approval process, broaden the range of development types for exempt or complying development and establish consistent state wide minimum design requirements. Buildings up to four stories or 22 metres in height for schools and three stories or 15 metres in height for universities can be approved as complying development. Projects that exceed these parameters must be submitted to the local Council for Development Approval. Keen to invigorate the conversation about the design of education spaces, Edmiston Jones GBB is holding a workshop this Thursday, 18th May, to discuss the importance of co-design. The catalyst for running this event was the firm’s involvement in successful educational projects where we have had the opportunity to implement our co-design methodology with end users, community service providers, teachers and students. If you are interested in attending, or have a colleague who might be, please register at Eventbrite.
Designing Learning Spaces