Edmiston Jones annual retreat

Community & Co-design
by Mark

As a practice based outside a major city centre, Edmiston Jones is considered a large office having grown to a dozen people early in our 33 year history.  The calibre of the staff is testimony to the fact that a challenging professional career does not have to be compromised by being located in a country town.

The team have just returned from our annual retreat and planning workshop having enjoyed two days of delightful weather on the NSW South Coast. Specialised groups within the office presented their position on how Edmiston Jones is differentiated and can add value in our areas of expertise; Senior Living, Specialty Medical and Retrofitting.

The weeks of preparation paid dividends as we workshopped our vision to inspire and enhance lives through extraordinary built environments that area sustainable and sensible.  The robust discussion and debate articulated principles that will guide our design of facilities for the senior population, the planning of medical centres that are increasingly specialised; and give us a strategy as we take up the challenge of retrofitting existing buildings.



Some things however are intrinsic to the organisation and do not need to be stated. Our country roots expressed as proud regionalism; pragmatism borne of practical experience; and sustainability lived right down to the compost bins in our offices are all part of our DNA.

The intense workshops were balanced by the festivity of shared meals, wine and good company. We left the weekend emboldened by the knowledge that the firm had the rare privilege of working for clients we admire and respect (while rejecting those we don’t) and working with colleagues who enjoy being together.

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