Fast track your
Residential Development

by Zoran
The NSW Government recently introduced the new Low-Rise Medium Density Housing Code which is now operating in all government areas across NSW. The intent is to streamline the approvals pathway for a variety of low-rise housing options. The low-rise housing code has been incorporated into the State Environmental Planning Policy for exempt and complying development and includes Dual Occupancy units, Terraces and Manor Houses which are a three of four of units appearing as a single building. The new code has combined the planning approval and building approval process into the one application and providing a more streamlined approvals pathway. Obtaining approval can made by a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) with a Private Certifier rather than a Development Application (DA) through the Local Council. This avoids the often lengthy and tedious local government application process and removes the notification periods usually required with a DA. The low-rise housing code is supported by a design guide that is well set out and based on the nine design principles as shown below. The design guide focus is intended “to provide more diverse housing options and make it easier to build well-designed, quality medium density housing where it respects existing neighbourhoods.” Edmiston Jones welcomes the new Low-Rise Medium Density Housing Code and the associated supporting guidelines. Our expert analysis will help you interpret the planning controls, fully understand the development site’s opportunities and determine the optimal yield.
Fast track your<br>Residential Development