Follow the Science

Education & Research
by Rene

As the COVID cloud begins to lift we are seeing how critically important the health industry professionals and global scientific community are, bravely keeping us safe through their work on the front line. To follow the science, not just in relation to the pandemic, but also for critical world issues such as climate and environmental changes, it is imperative that we have the facilities and associated technologies to support the necessary scientific research.

Facilities such as the Sciences Teaching Facility at the University of Wollongong, designed by Edmiston Jones in association with Scientific Interiors, are critical in training the scientists of the future. The teaching complex emphasises providing analytical and practical laboratory experience for students with access to current technology, facilities and equipment for team and problem-based learning. It is facilities such as these that provide the environment for the continual education of specialised knowledge and skills to perform scientific research.

“For us all to prosper and be well, Australia, and the world, needs scientists. This exciting and innovative new science and teaching facility, on this beautiful campus, provides a venue for first-class university teaching and inspiration in the sciences for students.”
– Professor Alison Jones, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, University of Wollongong (NSW Australia)

Our initial introduction to the world of science takes place long before higher education, and formally, while we are attending secondary education. Edmiston Jones have recently completed the refurbished Science Laboratories at Edmund Rice College. Inspirational and updated for the 21st Century, the laboratories are exemplars to educate our young scientific minds and create new vivid memories.

To enable our future scientists to “follow the science”, what facilities and technologies does a leading -edge teaching laboratory need to have? With our experience in the design and refurbishment of teaching facilities and laboratories, Edmiston Jones can help create state-of-the-art spaces that incorporate current technologies for evolving learning pedagogies.

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