Good Access = Good Business

by Steven
While a substantial proportion of our population experience the physical limitations that comes with a disability or simply old age, why wouldn't any astute commercial operator enhance their business premises to attract this large sector of the community? Any improvements also benefit many others in the community such as parents with prams and those that might be temporarily infirmed through injury. The shopping malls have accessibility covered with escalators, lifts and regulation compliant toilets - they are obliged to. There are however numerous shops and restaurants in traditional shopping strips that are typical of our region's towns and villages that make accessibility a challenge. A lot more can be done to make the shopping experience more pleasurable for those that have challenges moving about. Edmiston Jones GBB is taking steps to raise awareness and give some simple tips to retailers so that their facilities are more respectful and accommodating of seniors. We can provide a checklist to help shopkeepers make their premises more access aware.  An objective self-assessment is an easy way for shopkeepers to give more thought to this issue and the knock-on effect is that the exercise will raise awareness with employees. Some questions that could be asked are ...
  • Does your premises have access for wheelchairs?
  • Is there adequate lighting in all the areas in the establishment?
  • Is your graphic material in a legible text and large enough font?
  • Do you provide support with a magnifying glass or reading glasses?
  • Are your staff trained to be alert and provide assistance?
Contact the team at Edmiston Jones GBB ( if you would like a copy of the Access Checklist or if a more detailed assessment of your shop or restaurant would be helpful. While simple changes to the physical amenity of your premises will reduce barriers, it is the sensitive behaviour of the staff that is likely to have the greatest impact – and changing attitudes need not cost a cent!
Good Access = Good Business