Human Centred Design

by Mark

2019 is well underway at Edmiston Jones’ offices. Projects-in-progress have been reactivated and there are new challenges at hand demanding of us a ‘best’ that is better than before.

Throughout the past year we have refined our skills and resources to co-design with our clients and user groups ensuring that their insights were heard, and they had ownership of the design outcome. In 2019 we want to build on the strong foundations established working closely with clients to focus on human-centred design ensuring that what we deliver improves the lives of the end-users as well as others touched by our work.

So, we have decided that our theme for 2019 is human centred design. Why? In part because increasing layers of bureaucracy, the reign of large institutions and a growing reliance on technology is driving a gulf between the provider and the beneficiary. At the same time people are being handed authority to have choice and make decisions regardless of how well they are resourced and prepared. Despite this, the aging boomer generation continue to stamp their feet and demand a say in the services they are provided. Consumer Directed Care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme are examples where payments are now made directly to the client, who then choose which third-party institution to anoint with their largesse.

We know that technology in itself is neither good nor bad – it’s how we apply it that matters. However as new technologies are developed, there is a need for organizations that advocate for the human experience – and human rights. Edmiston Jones seeks to heighten awareness and provoke a conversation by holding forums that challenge how the design process and resulting built outcomes can be more human centred.

Note your diaries for the following dates.

March 14th     Residential & Specialised Housing

May 16th          Educational & Research

July 18th        Health & Well Being

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