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by Margie

Edmiston Jones GBB benefit from a dedicated interiors expertise. Rene Ling and myself contribute to projects from briefing our clients through to their occupation of the furnished space. We are proud of our reputation as trusted advisers, sharing our knowledge to assist clients make well-informed decisions.

I bring almost 20 years of experience working and teaching in Sydney and in my own studio, and a sensitivity to detail honed by my art and craft practice. A long history working as consultant with Mark and Steven on several projects, including The Glen Residential Care Facility in Bateman’s Bay and several private residences, has given me a deep respect for the practice’s methodology, culture, and sense of place.

You will have heard from me in previous posts sharing my thoughts on activity based workplaces, the difference between interior design and decoration, and the importance of timeless design. These are all issues close to my heart!

Rene has a diverse background across Design, Hospitality and Tourism, giving her detailed knowledge of materials and finishes, and extensive customer service experience. Her skills have enhanced recent projects at Wollongong University including the Early Start Discovery Centre, and at TIGS, in the Library and Research Centre.

Rene recently contributed a blog on the use of colour in wayfinding. She currently has the unenviable task of project managing our new office fit out ready for our move next week!  We will talk about our process for designing an innovative work space in a later post, so stay tuned.

Our approach to interior architecture is that it is integral to building design and not simply decoration at the end of the process. Right from project commencement, we are involved in clarifying the brief for our clients so that the special requirements and interrelationships are clearly understood and documented.

Sustainable design must begin with the effective use of space so that the built footprint is at its optimum. Designs must also be sensible, understanding ergonomics, anthropometrics and efficient human movement. This is where we, as interior specialists, bring our expertise to bear, collaborating with our colleagues to test and produce innovative solutions for our clients.

You will hear more from us as we encourage dialogue around interior architecture through this blog. I hope that you will continue to join in, and engage us in a conversation about what the interior environment means to you.

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