Property Touches All

Residential & Specialist Housing
by Mark

Edmiston Jones is proud to be in a profession that provides solutions to issues as wide ranging as housing affordability, accessibility and sustainability. As architects, we are involved in a diverse property industry that provides jobs to 1.4 million Australians.

This country needs a strong property industry because . . .
• Property touches the lives of all Australians.
• Property is a major part of the household balance sheet.
• It is Australia’s biggest industry and the nation’s second largest employer.

Architects play a key role in the property industry with a unique skill set that goes well beyond preparing the critical drawings and specifications that ensure buildings are built soundly to serve the function for which they have been designed. While creativity is obviously essential, ArchDaily suggests four skills that architects need in these complex and disruptive times.

1. Teamwork
The vision of the lone architect genius has given way to a more collaborative model, in which the architect leads a team of experts.

2. Interactive Thinking
Architects assume there are many good answers to a question. Answers don’t emerge automatically and that’s why architects tinker, experiment, try and try again.

3. Synthesis and Seduction
The architect is often forced to distil complex ideas. In doing so, architects make the abstract real and can make a direct appeal to the senses or to emotions.

4. Project-Based Logic
Architects approach their work as projects: distinct, although occasionally related, episodes with a beginning, middle, and an end. An architectural way of working breaks down a complex challenge into distinct, actionable phases, to respond to a challenge through coordinated, tried and true processes. Architects can help!

Edmiston Jones is a cohesive team that works collaboratively with our clients, consultants and each other. We have wide ranging skills to fulfil our vision of enhancing and inspiring lives through extraordinary built environments.

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