Sustainable Port Kembla

by Mark
Edmiston Jones GBB is contributing to a more sustainable Port Kembla. We have been successful in obtaining funding for the Sustainable Port Kembla (SPK) Initiative under the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund. EJgbb partnered with UOW’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), the Illawarra Housing Trust and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to make the submission. The aim of SPK is to greatly improve the sustainability and liveability of the Port Kembla Precinct through three major programs of work:
  • Renovation and retrofitting of Community, public or commercial spaces within the Port Kembla Precinct for increased amenity, energy efficiency, solar electricity generation, urban greening and street activation.
  • Improvement of the quality of life, comfort and economic outcomes for community housing residents by improving energy efficiency and thermal performance of their housing stock, reducing energy costs, and improving access to renewable energy.
  • The dissemination of information, education and communication of pilot program outcomes to generate further economic activity, adoption, behaviour change and positive public and business perception of PK, its residents and potential.
Our submission to the NSW Department of Industry highlighted the fact that the developed world is undergoing a rapid transition. It is a new paradigm where resource efficiency is a driver of economic growth and innovative low-emissions technologies are also opening up new opportunities for regional economies and businesses. However, while there are multiple benefits available to communities able to grasp these emerging opportunities, we also need to support vulnerable sectors of society placed under greater stress from increasing fuel and services charges. This project aims to address the challenges of not only improving the business and community environment of the Port Kembla Precinct, but also improving the liveability and sustainability of the homes of the more economically disadvantaged sections of our community.
Sustainable Port Kembla