We Have Moved

by Graham

The creation of our new firm, Edmiston Jones GBB, has given us an opportunity to collaborate and engage with the community in which we live and work. A continued interest in retrofitting has underpinned our decision to relocate to the heart of the city and play our small part in its continued revitalisation.  We have taken advantage of our city’s underutilised asset – the forgotten “shop tops”.


Before & after – Open plan workstations

Prior to our merge, both Edmiston Jones and Graham Bell Bowman operated from small offices on the periphery of the CBD. Having successfully consolidated a shared vision, we were faced with the practical issue of providing a base for our Wollongong team as well as the equipment and resources that accompany a busy architectural practice. An exciting new home was found and we are now happily located in the middle of the Crown Street Mall.


Before & after – Reception

Within our city, and particularly along Crown Street, there are numerous unloved and unoccupied buildings. This presents a huge unlocked potential for small to medium firms to retrofit and tailor these spaces to suit their needs with easy access to other businesses and the amenity of cafes and restaurants. Wollongong City Council encourages a lively and vibrant city centre and we are pleased to make our contribution to this worthwhile ambition!


Meeting areas & collaborative workspaces

While unloved, the untenanted “shop top” building stock has the potential for flexible, light filled, technologically and socially connected spaces that provide a stimulating and inspiring working environments. Edmiston Jones GBB’s new office has been designed not only to provide for our physical amenity but also to give a sense of delight for everyone that works in or visits our space. We have even found space for an outdoor deck to provide “breathing space” and connection with the outdoors!


Our outdoor oasis

We look forward to welcoming you into our new office soon, or perhaps a chance meeting in the Wollongong Mall!

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