“Well begun is Half Done” – starting a building project

by Mark

It is that time when we consider New Year resolutions and new projects. There is a saying that, “getting started is half done”.  Another version is “well begun is half done”. The ‘start’ to a building project is the brief and certainly a sound well-considered brief is a project ‘well begun’.

The “brief”, in a building context, is a statement of all the relevant information necessary for the commencement and execution of an architectural design and the program for its implementation.  A clear brief is essential to lay the foundation for all subsequent design decisions; avoid the possibility of the project ‘drifting’ and wasting time; and to ensure that the architect has clear objectives do the best job.  As importantly, it also minimises the possibility of disputes due to misunderstandings.

A brief might be anything from a single page to a multiple volume set of documents and includes opportunities assessed; constraints identified; and things needing further investigation clarified. There are no absolute rules and the information may be comprised of written statements or lists; clippings from magazines; images of existing spaces; samples of materials etc.  Any brief should include a clear statement of the prime objective for the project. This should be the guiding principle used as a test for decisions throughout the project.  Finally, don’t be surprised if the design process challenges presumptions and be prepared to expect the unexpected!

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