Why Choose a Modular House?

by Steven
Prior to joining Edmiston Jones, I had my own architectural studio in Spain. One of the great highlights of being an architect is to assist clients achieve their goal of owning a home. All too often, we hear of people starting the process full of hope and excitement, only to end up frustrated and disappointed. In order to avoid this unfortunate path with my clients, I interrogated ways to overcome the obstacles and I helped them to fulfil their dreams. The most common obstacle won’t surprise anyone who has embarked on building project. It is the difficulty achieving the all space required for the available funds. Another important, and related, factor is the timeframe. It can take some time from the concept sketches to the first night in the new house and it is a challenge to keep motivated and emotionally invested in the project. Through my research and attempt to find sensible solutions to these two particular issues, I became interested in ‘Modular Housing’. This industrialised construction system offers some appealing advantages such as:
  • Reduced timeframe (it can take as little as 12 weeks to build a single house)
  • Factory controlled construction quality with better thermal and acoustic performance
  • Flexibility with the possibility of adding new modules if the house needs to grow
DSC_0067_Web Modular housing in action[/caption] This type of housing is also environmentally-friendly, reducing:
  • CO2 emissions during construction and occupation
  • Noise and dust on site and surrounding areas
  • Waste materials, as a result of precisely quantified, modulated materials
For these reasons and more, I regard Modular Housing as a sound choice. Fortunately, during my time working as an architect in Spain, I was engaged on a couple of projects using this system. In my next blog, I will share my experience of one of them. For further insights into modular and prefabricated design, take a read of our previous blog editions: A Home For The Future Pop-up Container Bar
Why Choose a Modular House?