Livable Housing

by Steven

We kicked off the year on a serious note with blogs from Mark and Margie on Responsible Architecture and Human Centred Design. Statements so obvious that you’d think the sentiments go without saying. That is until issues like the Opal Tower building defects come to light or brand new Queensland trains can be built without accessible aisles or toilets.

Human centred design could never be more relevant than in our homes. We spend a substantial part of our lives in the family home and this is likely to increase with longer lives, flexible working arrangements, and support to allow ‘aging in place’. With this scenario, it’s wise to invest in making sure your home is future-proofed to be as livable as it can be for as long as possible.

Housing Design Guidelines have been produced by Livable Housing Australia, a partnership between the community, consumer groups, government and industry. The Guidelines provide assurance that homes are easier to access for families with young children, older residents as well as those with short term injuries or permanent disabilities. A livable home is more versatile and easily adapted if life’s circumstances change or as the occupants’ physical abilities are restricted with age.

The Guidelines are underpinned by a concept called Universal Design. The main premise of Universal Design is accessibility for all people, regardless of age, ability or status. The Guidelines recognise different levels of performance: Silver, Gold and Platinum starting with a base of seven core design elements. The NSW State Government Apartment Design Guide mandates compliance with Universal Design principles and the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

The Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

The Edmiston Jones team are clear about our purpose and we focus our designs on enhancing lives with sustainable and sensible solutions. To support this vision, I am registered as a Livable Housing Assessor to provide certification and give specialist advice on the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

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