by Gabe

The construction of the ParQ on Flinders project is well underway, with concrete works nearing completion and the fit-out in progress. A display apartment for one of the two-storey Skyhomes is being constructed on site and will be open for inspection in the coming months.

The Edmiston Jones team has been busy working with Hutchinson Builders to tweak the finer details of the project, and in particular the bathrooms and toilets. Prefabricated bathroom pods were considered from the outset of the project as a way to control quality, achieve cost savings through repetition and speed up construction. As the design developed, modifications were made to meet purchaser requirements and coordinate building services resulting in the loss of some repetition and therefore efficiencies.

In response, we investigated alternate prefabrication methods including wall panels complete with plumbing and, in some cases, reverting to traditional in-situ construction. Through close consultation with the builders, consultants and our client, the 418 bathrooms were rationalised to use the bathroom pods wherever possible.

Margie visited the warehouse in Brisbane to inspect the prefabricated pod prototype and ensure the standard was to specified. She observed the greater control over details in a factory environment and the high quality of finish achieved. Delivery of 361 pods to site has now begun!

The process has been educational underlying the importance of delivering an intent and how easily ideas can get lost through the machinations of a project. The use of prefabrication has been something of a holy grail in the construction industry and all too often the idea does not get executed for a variety of reasons. Unfortunate because prefabrication reduces construction timeframes, minimizes waste and ensures a better-quality product – a better result for all. The lesson is to set firm design principles early in a project and stick to them to ensure the intent is delivered.

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