Family Medical Practice

Greta Street, Gerringong NSW
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Established in 1980, Gerringong Medical Practice is a long-standing GP clinic on the South Coast of New South Wales. With a desire to expand their experienced team and offer allied health and visiting specialist care to the community, the doctors recognised the need for specialist advice and engaged Edmiston Jones.

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Project Details


Medical Centre

Floor Area

494 sq. m

Site Area

1,351 sq. m

Site Location

Greta Street, Gerringong NSW

The Requirements

The new Medical Centre for Gerringong Medical Practice combined the complexities of a large medical facility with the detailed requirements of a residential development. An optimal and functional floor l ayout was required to achieve the fine balance between a comfortable, intimate ambiance with the clinical environment required for infection control and efficiency.

The Solution / Outcome

Consideration of occupants’ health and wellbeing was underpinned by the philosophy of Biophilic Design. This seeks to reinforce connections to natural patterns and systems within the built environment in order to optimise healing and wellbeing of both patients and staff.

The Medical Practice’s vision resonated with the culture of Edmiston Jones. Strongly connecting to the environment, the community and embracing a collaborative approach while mentoring the next generation of professionals were the key drivers for the design process.